Over 80 interested citizens attended our Open House and presentation yesterday night at Rose Villa. We were eager to share our draft ideas with you, and thrilled so many of you were able to make it. You provided thoughtful and constructive feedback, asked important and challenging questions and drew our attention to aspects we need to examine closer.

Between now and June 9 we will be refining our proposals and incorporate your feedback where feasible into a final report. This report will be available with our clients (Oak Lodge Community Council and Urban Green), as well as here on the website.

If you were unable to attend yesterday, or just want to see the presentation again, click here to download it as a pdf.

During the Open House participants had a chance to get familiar with the project. Here ideas for Oak Grove Boulevard

Ideas for McLoughlin Boulevard

Lively discussions by the posters

After the Open House, Adam, Alicia and Nathan presented the project during the OLCC meeting

Adam began by explaining the purpose of the project and discussing existing conditions

Alicia presented ideas for Oak Grove Boulevard. Here about the transition from Oak Grove Boulevard to McLoughlin

Nathan introduced ideas for McLoughlin Boulevard. Here the corner of Oak Grove Boulevard and McLoughlin

Foothill took questions after the presentation

Foothill Planning are Adam, Alicia, Kathryn, Åsa, Nathan and Carley, all graduating students in the Master of Urban and Regional Planning program at Portland State University